Hart of Dixie - Season 1 - Soundtracks

Soundtrack 1x10

31. srpna 2012 v 14:51 | Eve

"A Place Only You Can Go" od NEEDTOBREATHE
"Away In A Manger" od High Valley
"Blue Christmas" od Julie Roberts"
"Ho Hey" od The Lumineers
"Jingle Bell Rock" by Rascal Flatts
"Jinglin' Jingle Bell" od Jessica Campbell
"Lonesome Goes Both Ways" od Adam Zelkind & Hannah Aldridge
"Lost In My Mind" od The Head and the Heart
"Oh Christmas Tree" od Brad Gordon

Soundtrack 1x09

31. srpna 2012 v 14:50 | Eve

"Every Day's A Holiday" od The JaneDear Girls
"I Can't Be Satisfied" od Nikki Lane
"Love's Got It's Pros and Cons" od Adam Zelkind
"Melancholy Moment" od Jane and Anthony
"Rollin'" od Gerrit De Boer
"Shotgun Girl" od The JaneDear Girls
"Still Runnin'" od Jonathan Singleton

Soundtrack 1x08

31. srpna 2012 v 14:49 | Eve

"Blue Eyes" od Middle Brother
"Don't Leave Me Alone" od Kennedy
"Good Girls Go Bad" od Cobra Starship
"I Don't Want To Hear It" od J Roddy Walston and The Business
"Leave The Pieces" od The Wreckers

Soundtrack 1x07

31. srpna 2012 v 14:48 | Eve

"(Kissed You) Good Night" od Gloriana
"Bye Now" od Billy D. a the HooDoos
"Ease Your Mind" od Matthew Mayfield
"Paris (Ooh La La)" od Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
"Put Your Good Time On" od Jason Jones
"Ribbon of Red" by Sonia Leigh
"Silverlined" od Bejole
"Sweet Love Grows" od Danny Myrick

Soundtrack 1x06

31. srpna 2012 v 14:47 | Eve

"Honey Rag" od Gavin Glass
"I Put A Spell On You" od Screamin' Jay Hawkins
"Mor Yay" od Branden Daniel & The Chics
"My Goodness" od The Belle Brigade
"On and On" od Martinez & Guthrie
"Under Streetlights" od Brooke Annibale
'Wordy Rappinghood" od Tom Tom Club

Soundtrack 1x05

31. srpna 2012 v 14:46 | Eve

"Burning Up The Sky" od The Parson Red Heads
"Crazy For Now" od Jason Jones
"Glorify" od Ivan & Alyosha
"The Possibilities" od Tim Myers

Soundtrack 1x04

31. srpna 2012 v 14:45 | Eve

"Be Set Free" od Langhorne Slim
"Lead Me Home" od FM Radio
"Long Hot Summer" od Keith Urban
"My Own Sinking Ship" od Good Old War
"Stomp and Holler" od Hayes Carll
"That Phone" od Grace Potter a The Nocturnals

Soundtrack 1x03

31. srpna 2012 v 14:39 | Eve

"Barefoot and Crazy" od Jack Ingram
"Fletcher" od Blitzen Trapper
"I'm Southern" od The Cadillac Black
"Little Lie" od Lindi Ortega
"Reluctance" od Keegan Dewitt feat. Isaaca Byrd
"West Virginia Baby" od James River Station

Soundtrack 1x02

31. srpna 2012 v 14:38 | Eve

"10,000 Stones" od Adrianne
"Bitter & Sweet" od Chris Lawson Jones
"Days of Gold" od The Cadillac Black
"Drink in My Hand" od Eric Church
"Let Me Down Easy" od Billy Currington
"The Last Last Call" od John Paul Keith
"Window at the Wake" od Beta Radio

Soundtrack 1x01

31. srpna 2012 v 14:37 | Eve

"Best Love Song" od T-Pain feat. Chris Brown
"Crazy" od The Kills
"For a Little While" od Langhorne Slim
"Have Love Will Travel" od The Black Keys
"Little Miss" od Sugarland
"Love Story" od Taylor Swift
"Rebels in Roses" od Everest
"The Come Down" od Austin Hartley Leonard
"The Man Grows" od Beta Radio
"This" od Darius Rucker
"Walkin' Talkin' Deadman" od Pine Hill Haints
"You Are Mine" od Enter the Worship Circle